What are smart solutions?

Good question! We take a smart card or wristband with a RFID chip and add clever technology to trigger and record an action. With one tap the user can pay for drinks, receive an in-store discount or record a slow-motion rock video to post on Instagram.

Working alongside the most talented partners on the planet we can now add greater purpose to your plastic card campaign with proven smart solutions that save time, increase spend and allow you to improve your customer experience.

Create a fun and memorable brand experience using experiential marketing to gather qualified leads and generate brand engagement with attendees.

New exciting opportunities for a truly personal brand interaction via experiential zones. Achieve an instant impact, while gaining valuable contacts for future sharing of newsletters, blogs and promotional messages.

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Improve the fun experience, reduce queueing and increase profits with RFID ticketing and cashless technology.

Cashless payment is secure, convenient, effortless and easy to use. Creating worry-free environments.

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Membership and loyalty cards have evolved.

Using patented technology to identify and interact with your customer, we are able to provide a superior shopping experience. This enhanced customer visibility provides crucial intelligence to strengthen customer communication and drive your retail sales to the next level.

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Amplify your event, build brand loyalty and increase sales with our engagement platform. Allow your attendees to interact, engage and document their experiences far and wide.

Lead the way with social media sharing, generating buzz and encouraging brand amplification. Events are unique opportunities to turn your audience into brand promoters and ambassadors while gathering valuable data to target key audiences.

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Smart experience - The Platform

The key to a successful event and brand exposure lies in creating an environment where event goers have the chance to get involved and engaged. The brand exposure and experience provide the platform for delivering your brand message in a unique and powerful way. Your audience gets a better understanding of your brand and the true essence of your product. In return, you will be rewarded with new brand ambassadors, sales and customers brand loyalty.

Brand amplification & loyalty

Event registration

Quick and efficient registration platform streamlines your event planning and attendee management from the word 'go'.

Event coordination

Create an exciting brand event to generate brand-audience interactions that really count, while employing innovative experiences to maximise the impact.

Event data

Our platform generates measurable data, that's easy to manage. You can now analyse your event's KPIs, brand exposure and track the attendees' behaviour in real time.

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Safety of clients, guests and employees should top the priority list for business owners. Smart cards provide secure access and effective people movement management, with the added bonus of promoting your brand.

Make your building smarter, improve security and generate cost savings by installing our connected technology.

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