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Special Touches



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Customise your Midi Pulper® Badge

Due to high demand, we are now taking Pulper badge orders for delivery in March 2020.

Select the quantity then choose your features and special finishes.

Step 1 - Select Quantity
Step 2 - Add your features

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Signature Panel

Choose brilliant white or an opaque clear panel to overlay a design underneath. Large or small, one or more, curved or straight you decide.


PRICING - QR CODE - 860 X 380

Want a delegate name printed on the badge for easier identification and to track attendance? We can print in black along with a QR code or barcode.


PRICING - RFID - 860X380

We can embed any RFID or NFC chip into the Midi badge for cashless events and festivals. Price is for the popular NXP Mifare Ultralight EV1 chip.


Step 3 - Choose your special touches

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Spot Gloss

Add extra-thick, super glossy accents wherever you like. Enhance your logo and make your design pop with this oh so touchable finish.


PRICING - FOIL - 860x380
Metallic Foil

Set the tone with exclusive gold or silver foil to enhance your brand. Add anywhere and make instantly eye-catching. Now even more durable.


Metallic Ink

Perfect for product launches and tiered access at VIP events. Make your badges glimmer with bronze, silver or gold special ink.


Quantity Delivery Cost Product Cost Order Total
100 units £42.50 £54.78 £97.28
Choose your shipping location

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We ship globally from the UK via our dedicated carrier DHL. Once you've finished customising your unique badges we need to know where you want them shipped.

All UK domestic shipments are shipped on a next working day service. If you are located outside of the UK you have a choice of service, economy or express. Enter your zip/postal code, select country and click 'calculate' to get a live shipping price.

Prices listed are exclusive of duties and taxes and will be charged at your countries standard rates.

What features do I need?

For a faff-free way to price your Midi pulper badges, we've selected the three most popular features. On their own or together they turn a simple piece of paper into one with purpose.

Our Maxi badge comes as standard with a slot or a hole.

For conferences, you'll need a barcode or the delegates name personalised in black. Alternatively, an RFID chip for faster more reliable access control is the ultimate choice.

Our price calculator is a guide to help you customise your perfect event pass. For assistance buying or any other questions, you can chat online or call +44 1428 729306.

Special touches

We've picked three eye-watering speciality finishes to help you create unique printed pulper event badges. Prices are based on one-side print finishing which covers the majority of our orders. For more complex pass designs please call +44 1428 729306 for instant help from an Oomph Customer Champion.

If you want to get all touchy-feely with our tags then order our sample pack today.

PULPER PRICE - 1200x600

No other badge is like a Midi Pulper™ badge.

Developed for festivals and events it's not only water and mud resistant but tricky to tear too. Ultra-recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council approved our naturally-derived premium paper has been designed to cut-down on single-use plastics and ensure a more sustainable event.

Each Midi pulper badge is 100% plastic free with no nasty additives and handmade to our unique specification. With speciality print finishing and fully-loaded features your passes will be far from ordinary.

All backed by our 30 day, no-questions-asked guarantee you're in safe hands.

MIDI PRICE 750x320

Single-Use Friendly

  • 100% natural with no plastic additives
  • Readily recyclable in mixed paper
  • Tough and durable
WATERPROOF - 750X320-1


  • Made to withstand water and mud
  • Unique tear resistant formula
  • A truly all-conditions paper card
PULPER VIP - 1500x640

Contactless Ready

  • Available with a choice of RFID or NFC chip
  • Fast and easy printing with all finishes
  • 760gsm extra-rigid construction for toughness

Speak to an expert

Fill in your details below and one of our friendly, no pressure Customer Champions will be in touch. Alternatively, call +44 1428 729306 to get straight through.


A little pack with big ideas

Get a feel of our inspired features and eye-catching finishes.

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