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RFID - 720X320


  • Reliable market-leading RFID chips
  • Made in the Netherlands by NXP
  • Contactless RFID for smarter event management

Premium Quality Print

  • High quality 4 colour ink print
  • Impactful eye-catching finishes
  • Event planners approved sizes, Midi and Maxi

Eco-Friendly Event Badges and Lanyard Cards

Our new generation event badges are sustainable, versatile and made from the most premium materials. Offering greener solutions for green event management.

60% Recycled Plastic

This eco-friendly event badge is utilising recycled plastic to reduce the use of natural resources. Custom made for your event. 


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Organic Pulper

Our 100% natural paper badge is made from wood fibre. Mighty, weatherproof and recyclable, the ultimate alternative to single-use plastic. 


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PULPER VIP 1200x660

RFID for smarter events

Integrate your event badges with RFID chip and RFID technology to trigger, record and manage any action linked to your event.

RFID ticketing and cashless payment technologies are growing in popularity. To start with, you get a more intelligent approach to access control management, allowing you to create secure areas for VIPs, grant access to crew and ease the attendees flow. Cashless payment helps to deliver safer events, guarantee smaller queues and larger spend at events and festivals.

That's not all, experiential marketing and social amplification bring more fun to your events. Get attendees to interact, visit experiential zones, document and share their memorable event experiences. While you concentrate on engagement and gathering qualified leads.

Smart technology has evolved. It's intelligent, customisable, secure and more reliable than ever before.


A little pack with big ideas

Get a feel of our inspired features and eye-catching finishes.

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