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Custom Plastic Card Printing

New 60% recycled ‘feel-good’ plastic cards. Made from plastic scraps for a more sustainable card range.


Original Card

  • Ultra-premium plastic card
  • 54mm x 86mm
  • 100 cards from £125.00

Midi Badge

  • Our substantial event badge
  • 70mm x 100mm
  • 100 badges from £150.00

Mini Tag

  • The thickest key tag on the planet
  • 28mm x 56mm
  • 100 tags from £107.00

Cleaner Plastic

Fashioning our offcuts into new material means 60% of each and every card is made from recycled plastic. Your cards will still look the same, they’ll just be a little more mindful.

Smarter Cards

Create contactless experiences with an RFID or NFC chip embedded in your card. Available across our entire range…because we’re smart.


All our cards are heavyweight for good reason. They not only look more premium they go the distance without fault.

Durable Finish

Cards with peeling edges are poor customer touchpoints. Our cards are rigorously stress tested to ensure durability.

Unique Edge

Add a unique colore to the middle of your card for instant eye-catching. Choose from pastel pink to sunshine yellow.

Choose Pulper

Our latest card innovation. Made from wood fibre it offers you a more natural choice.

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Add an RFID chip and experience even faster, more responsive and more delightful transactions.

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Custom Plastic Card Printing: Creating the perfect touchpoint

The look and feel of a plastic card has never been more important than it is today. A complicated mix of colour, texture, material and RFID technology are all used to make a custom plastic card. Oomph make the process simple with our faff-free approach and expert guidance.

Our plastic cards are handmade from recycled plastic and printed both sides in full colour at no extra cost. We also cut them slightly thicker for added durability and an ultra-premium feel.

We’ve selected the finest finishes to make your cards as unique as you. For understated luxury choose a smooth matt finish and complement with spot gloss. Or for extra impact add a blush red colore centre. If you really want your cards to shine add gold or silver foil for instant luster.

With 3 ‘free’ finishes, from super high gloss to tactile matt finish you can create a personalised plastic card simply.


A little pack with big ideas

Get a feel of our inspired features and eye-catching finishes.

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