Your guide to card features

We can add and combine these features with our cards to build your ideal solution.


Whether its a sequential number or variable code, we promise it won't rub off. Choose your size, font and position to keep on brand.

Signature Panel

We can apply a white panel, or if you want to have text or artwork visible underneath we use a clear panel. One or more, you decide.


We test all our barcodes before they leave to save any embarrassment in store. All part of our 100% guarantee.

2D Barcode

We can print either static or variable 2D barcodes such as Datamatrix or QR, verified and in sequence.


Made by NXP in the Netherlands, we only use market leading silicon chips such as Mifare to ensure reliability. As used by Oyster.

Magnetic Stripe

We use first-rate KURZ magnetic stripes from Germany to make sure your cards will continue to work swipe after swipe.


If you need event or exhibition passes chances are you'll need a hole. Standard size is 5mm although we can go bigger (and smaller.)


Similar to a hole. We can add these to our NFC & RFID cards to make them perfect for social sharing solutions.

DDA Notch

Add a notch to your card. An absolute necessity for accessibility and for general low light conditions.

Scratch Panel

Either for secure codes or winning promotional cards, we can apply a scratch panel over the top.

Do you have a bespoke project?

We have acres of experience delivering tailored plastic card projects for clients' such as KFC and Transport for Greater Manchester.

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Oomph plastic cards

Your cards, your way

We don't just stop at the print production of plastic cards. We offer print, card personalisation, camera-verified mailing and fulfillment, plus a pick and pack service.

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Need more help?

We can do it all from short print runs to millions, from the simple plastic cards to those packed with cutting-edge smart wizardry.

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