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All you need to know about Oomph plastic cards, delivery and aftercare

Get help with the website and answers to questions you have about Made by Oomph and our plastic cards printing services.

1. The Made by Oomph Plastic Card

What makes Oomph Plastic Cards different?

Plastic cards made by Made by Oomph are high quality, 100% plastic - with no nasty cardboard, sticky-tape or desktop laminator involved. We only use the finest, brilliant white plastic stock sourced from Italy. The most vibrant inks from Japan and the best silicon chips from the Netherlands. This is the Made by Oomph standard, so it has to be 100%.

What size is a plastic card made by Oomph

The same size as your bank card: 85.60 x 53.98mm (we round it to 86 x 54mm to make it easier). At 0.76mm, it's the same thickness too and has the same 3.18mm rounded corners.

Do you offer any other sizes?

Yes. But this makes your order extra special, which means a quick chat with our bespoke project team. We can make any size or shape, just give a member of the team a call on +44 (0) 1428 729306

What finishes can I have?

You can choose our soft-to-the-touch silky matt or super high glossy finish. Want something really different then try our new tactile matt+ finish (there's no extra cost, it's all part of the Made by Oomph service).

What if I only want colour one side?

All our online pricing is for double-sided printing. We only charge for print on one side though, you get the other side free. In fact, we recommend printing both sides to achieve maximum impact.

Are Made by Oomph plastic cards bullet-proof?

Pretty much! It all depends on how your customers use (or abuse them). Made by Oomph cards are tough as old boots: they'll scrape a frosty windscreen and even go through the wash (but we wouldn't advise it). In fact, they'll last for years and if you opt for a matt or matt+ finish, they'll look better for longer too.

2. Prices

How much do Made by Oomph plastic cards cost?

All our pricing is simple and honest; you won't find any hidden charges, even tiny little ones. We've listed our main pricing here for each service level. We have four service levels, 20, 15, 10 or 5 working days. If you can wait up to 20 days there are huge savings to be made, if you can't, we can still deliver up to 1000 units in 5 days - guaranteed. In quieter periods we are able to produce up to 20,000 units in 5 days. For any 5 day orders please ask, volume and resource availability changes on a daily basis.

In each card section, we also list card prices with the most widely used options. Please note, all prices shown exclude VAT.

Your pricing only goes up to twenty-thousand units, what if I want more?

Please give us a call if you'd like a greater quantity, have a selection of artwork you'd like to include in your print run, or want print, fulfilment and mailing. That way we can talk about the most cost effective options open to you.

3. Service times and delivery

How long will it take to get my Made by Oomph plastic cards?

It depends on the service time you've chosen. All lead times are for printing only. Transit times will depend on your location. Please note, all turnaround times are in working days (Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays) from the next working day after you approve your PDF proof and are guaranteed. Our lead times are from proof approval to despatch. If you want a 5 day service, send artwork before 12pm and approve on a Monday, we will despatch your cards the following Monday. Delivery options are dependent on the time of the order.

Orders on an express service - UK Mainland Only - will be sent on a pre-12pm delivery slot at no extra charge. If you're at all concerned about transit time its best to call and check before you order with us.

Do you ship globally?

Oh yes. We can ship Made by Oomph plastic cards wherever you want in the world, just get in touch for a shipping cost.

If I order 1000 cards Monday on a 5 day service when will I get them?

The Made by Oomph team would need your print-ready artwork by 12pm and approval of our proof by 5pm on Monday. Hitting this deadline will mean your cards are despatched the following Monday. Any later and your cards will be sent the next available working day, in this case Tuesday.

Can I pay for delivery on a Saturday?

Of course. We'd send your delivery on a pre 12pm courier. Please note, this is extra depending on the location. Call us to arrange and we'll give you an accurate cost.

What if I want to collect the cards from Made by Oomph HQ?

You can do this, but only under exceptional circumstances, client confidentiality is key. If you want to know more please call our customer services team.

I want my Made by Oomph cards delivered to multiple locations, is this possible?

Absolutely, it's best to call us so you can get the best price.

Am I able to track my order once shipped?

Yes. All Oomph orders are sent via a totally traceable courier. When they're dispatched we'll let you know via our new system, it's pretty nifty.

4. How to pay

How can I pay for my cards?

With plastic of course! We accept all major cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, Visa Electron and Visa Delta) but unfortunately we don't accept American Express or Diners Club at the moment. Just call us with your card details and we can take a payment there and then. We also accept payment by BACS or by cheque, but we can't start work on your job until the funds have cleared in our account. Sending a screen-grab of the online payment page will speed things along.

Do you charge a handling fee for card payments?

No. Our bank charges us but we don't pass it on.

Can I open a trade account?

Not on your first order. If you want to open a 30-day account please talk to our customer service team who'll take your registered company details. Please note, your details will be passed to HSBC who will perform various financial checks to verify suitability.

How do I know my card details are secure?

We take the security of our customers very seriously. We adhere to the most stringent levels of fraud screening, and make sure that our customer's details are secure throughout the transaction process. Also, we don't store or scribble any customer's card details.

Do you keep my details?

We do keep some of your details like your name, address and order history; but we don't store your payment details.

My business is VAT registered in Ireland or the EU, how do I ensure I’m not charged VAT?

If in Ireland or anywhere else in the EU, you'll be asked if you have an EU VAT number. We'll then check with HMRC and zero VAT your purchase if everything is valid.

5. Guides & templates

How do I ensure my design files are ready for print?

This is the killer bit and the part that will really add Made by Oomph if done properly. Please look at our guide to ensure your artwork meets with our criteria. You'll also find a handy checklist to help ensure everything is ready to go.

Can you design a card for me?

Sorry we're not a design agency so cannot help here. All our customers provide print ready artwork letting us do what we do best, print plastic cards.

Do you have a template for a plastic card?

Yes, we do, you can download our template on this page

Please take a look at our guide as we also show dimensions for magnetic stripes and other handy information that you'll need when setting up your artwork ready for print.

What size is a plastic card made by Made by Oomph!?

The same size as your bank card: 85.60 x 53.98mm (we round it to 86 x 54mm to make it easier). At 0.76mm, it's the same thickness too and has the same 3.18mm rounded corners.

I see you’re set up for CMYK print, can I use Pantone colours in my design?

Yes you can but we would ask you to contact us for a price. Any Pantone colours will be converted to CMYK which will vary the colour. Any additional elements such as metallic or spot gloss must be shown as a separate print layer in your artwork file.

What happens after I’ve paid, do I get a proof to approve before you go and print my cards?

Once you've paid for your order and sent your print ready artwork an Oomph Customer Champion will call to run through your order. Once all's clear we'll send through a digital PDF proof for you to approve, then it's just down to you to ensure everything is as it should be, and the right way up!

Please note, orders and artwork submitted before 12pm will receive a proof the same day - guaranteed. After this time your proof will be sent the next working day.

How long after I approved will I get my cards?

This all depends on the service level selected and when you have approved your proof. Lets say you order cards on a 5 day service, send your print-ready artwork by 12pm and approve our proof by 5pm same day. Hitting this deadline will mean your cards are despatched the following Monday. Any later and your cards will be sent the next available working day, in this case Tuesday.

6. Card features - Signature panel

Can I have more than one panel?

Yes. You can have seven if you want at no extra charge, as long as they're on the same side.

What shape or size do you offer?

Any, tell us what you want and we can do it. We can even cover the whole card if you like.

7. Card features - Flat printed number

What if I want two numbers?

You can have as many numbers/names/codes as you like, at no extra charge (so long as they're on the same side).

Which number font is the most popular?

Most people prefer Helvetica or Arial. They're clear to read and suit the purpose well. If you've got a specific font in mind, let us know - we may have it in our font library.

Will the number rub off over time?

Yes, the number will rub off eventually - this is inevitable. But when we say eventually, we mean several years, it really depends on how the card's treated.

8. Card features - Barcode

What's a barcode font?

There are tons of fonts (or symbologys') in print; it's the same for barcodes. Certain barcode scanners will only scan certain fonts, so you need to make sure you have the right one.

Can I have a different barcode on each card?

Absolutely, we encourage it, especially if you want to track your customers and record kpi's. We also advocate printing a Human Readable Number under the barcode, there's no additional charge.

What card finish do you recommend for a barcode?

Matt finish is the best - it cuts down on glare, especially when using a smart phone to read a QR code. For reliability, Made by Oomph also recommend the code sits on a white background.

9. Card features - Magnetic stripe

There doesn't seem to be any colours available?

Our standard stripe colour is black, if you'd like silver or gold then please just get in touch.

What information do you need to encode the magnetic stripe?

We need to know the track to encode (1, 2 or 3) and you'll need to supply the data as an excel, csv or txt file.

What is better hico or loco?

We recommend you go hico; it's what we use for VISA cards. Data is more secure and can't be wiped as easily as a loco magstripe.

What do you need for encoding?

Data. Most till systems use a sequential number that's used to track the customer's purchase behaviour. Each time the card is swiped you know which customer swiped it and when. Perfect for access control cards or loyalty cards.

Can magnetic stripes lose their encoding?

Yes, they can and do, generally, loco magnetic stripes are more susceptible. The most common problem is your mobile phone. Any strong magnetic field like this can disrupt the magnetic particles and render it useless. Made by Oomph recommends a hico magnetic stripe, it's what the banks use. Alternatively, consider a barcode or NFC chip, talk to us today for your options.

What is a magnetic stripe made from?

Tiny magnetic particles in a resin, applied directly or made into a strip on a plastic backing which is applied to the card.

10. Card features - Embossing

The colour rubs off, is this normal?

Yes. The colour is a foil ribbon (like an old typewriter ribbon) applied via a hot stamp. As this detail is raised off the card it takes a bit of hammering! For a longer term solution choose flat printed numbering.

Can I have embossing anywhere?

Unfortunately not. The bottom half of the card is the only area we can emboss and we can't go closer than 5mm to the edge.

What size of embossing can I have?

You can have it large (like the long number on your bank card) or small (like the name and expiry date), or why not have both? Just remember, embossing leaves a small indent on the underside so make sure you don't print any key information there.

11. Card features - Hole or slot

Can I have a bigger hole?

Yes you can, we might have to make a new cutting tool at additional cost. Please check with your Oomph Customer Champion for more help.

How far from the edge does a hole or slot have to be?

We recommend a minimum distance of 5mm from the edge. We will not go any closer as the card's durability will be compromised.

Will the hole waste still be left in the cards?

We pop them out and they're all recycled to live another day. If we didn't, can you imagine the mess when you opened the box! Not very Made by Oomph.

Need more help?

We can do it all from short print runs to millions, from the simple plastic cards to those packed with cutting-edge smart wizardry.

Call us today on +44 1428 729306 or contact us online