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Lanyards - woven 750x320

Superior Woven

  • High-grade polyester yarn
  • Traditional jacquard weaving techniques
  • Ultra tactile and durable
lanyards 750x320

Premium Clip

  • Easy to use high-quality metal clips
  • Built to withstand the test of time
  • Silver, grey or black finish

Made from Recycled Plastic

  • Upcycled old plastic bottles
  • Reduces the use of virgin plastic
  • Creating new sustainable choices

Demand perfection

Our Customer Champions give the best lanyard advice in the business. Making sure you'll impress your clients with superior quality corporate lanyards.

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Triple Stitch

The quality of stitch and thread is critical. That's why we opt for triple stitch making your lanyards extra durable. Pull and stretch tested.
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Safety Break-Away

A simple locking clip designed to snap open when a lanyard is pulled, to prevent accidents. A must for events and festivals.
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Attention to Detail

Oozes creative quality, perfect stitch and Pantone colour match. The ultimate exclusivity for VIPs and revered guests.

A fair price and expert advice

It's not just your time we respect, money's pretty important too.

200 lanyards from £196.00

98p per lanyard

500 lanyards from £320.00

64p per lanyard

1000 lanyards from £550.00

55p per lanyard


A little pack with big ideas

Get a feel of our inspired features and eye-catching finishes.

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