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What is a personalised lanyard? It's a premium custom printed lanyard to your exact specification and personalised with your design. Woven, full colour or screen printed, reflective or sparkly, our lanyards are designed for comfort.

Made to precise standards, our branded lanyards are worn at festivals, events, conferences and offices around the globe. Simply add an event badge, VIP pass or ID card.


Choose your clips and accessories


Trigger Clip

The most popular clip option that compliments your personalised lanyards to perfection. Trigger clips are smart, easy to use and very secure. Available in a number of sizes.


Lobster clip

Our premium attachment, the lobster claw is ideal for brands who want to elevate the look of their lanyards. This easy to operate accessory features a spring-loaded mechanism that makes switching out badges simple while offering optimal security and a non-scratch surface.


Dog clip

Our standard attachment, dog clips are secure, easy to use and economical - an excellent choice for holding onto your event badges and laminated IDs.


Badge reel

Yo-yo retractable badge reel is a simple effective lanyard clip option for ID badges. We believe in the power of branding and love that you can customise the badge reel with your logo.


Safety Break-away

Add the safety break-away clip to your personalised lanyard, for safer use. The break-away feature is a must in environments where safety is paramount, helping to prevent accidents and injuries.


Oomph Customer Champions are here to help you create your perfect personalised lanyards.

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Taking you through the Oomph experience, identifying pitfalls to deliver your perfect solution.


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Providing deft advice and timely support you can rely on.


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Simplifying our plastic card range; helping you make the correct choice, every time.


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Managing your project and providing regular milestone updates.