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Colour Printed Lanyard

Our silkiest, most colourful fabric makes the best-selling custom lanyard for events.

200 lanyards from


Screen Printed Lanyard

Our screen printed personalised lanyard has tactile fabric for instant brand kapow!

200 lanyards from


Woven Lanyard

Woven lanyards look and feel uber-premium. Perfect for the not-so-ordinary VIP event.

200 lanyards from




Our custom printed lanyards are designed for comfort and made to last. Upcycled from used plastic bottles, they are beautifully textured with a more natural feel.

Sustainable premium quality range, consciously created with kindness to our environment in mind. Handpicked by us for you.

Lanyards - Clips - 960x568
Choose the Right Clip

The most popular lanyard clip option is Trigger Clip, smart, easy to use and very secure. Go premium with Lobster Clip featuring spring-loaded mechanism. We plump for high quality metal alloy in gloss, matt or titanium silver.

PAPER 480x284
Safety Break-Away

Add the safety break-away lanyard clip for safer use. The must in environments where safety is paramount, helping to prevent accidents and injuries.

Double stitched 480x284-1
Triple Stitched

It's both the quality of stitch and the thread. Pull the fabric lanyard from every angle and make sure there's no give. We triple stitch our lanyards for durability using a strong, itch free cotton.

Custom Lanyards Printing for Powerful Branding

If you're trying to find the perfect personalised lanyard for your event or business, you're in the right place! Get expert guidance on everything you need to know about branded lanyards, from lanyard printing styles, thickness and colour, to lead time and price.

Our customised fabric lanyards are printed to your exact specification, personalised with your brand logo or an eye-catching design.

Planning a music festival, gig or sporting event? Colour printed event and festival lanyards are your go-to option for their super soft silk fabric and vibrant colours. Just add event badges and VIP passes for the perfect event duo.

When it comes to offices or business roadshows, make statement with branded ID badge lanyards and ID cards. Screen printing of your logo creates super smart look, set to impress your visitors and staff alike.

Premium quality is a must for any corporate event. Choose our carefully selected promotional woven lanyards. Exclusively made for VIPs and revered guests.

Choosing your perfect personalised lanyard has never been simpler.

Lanyards - COLOUR - 9342 - 700X1200

A little pack with big ideas

Get a feel of our inspired features and eye-catching finishes.

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