It’s not every day you get asked by one of the most sumptuous hotel brands to bring their ideas to life. We jumped at the chance to show our solution prowess.


Square RFID Hotel Key Card And Hotel Door Lock Made By Oomph 3


Hotel key cards

are used in hotels day-in-day-out, they should open doors if made properly. However, they all seem look the same. Rosewood wanted something different. We can make shaped cards easily, this one needed to be contactless and an NFC hotel key card. We love technical challenges!

Pantone ink. Four designs. Smaller bespoke designed RFID antenna. Square shape. Matt finish.

Curveball’s aplenty. The main challenge was making the antenna small enough to fit, but large enough to give a good read range. After much testing, we had fettled the solution. We loved it. They loved it. Euphoria all round. Those of you lucky enough to stay will know lots of toils went into these micro key cards.

Fresh challenges await.

Hybrid RFID plastic cards are our particular favourite, we have merely scratched the surface of what is possible with RFID technology.



See what we can do for your personalised plastic card with our fantastic range of features and finishes. Helping to create a personalised plastic card that’s truly unique.

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