Oomph NFC Tag Star

Follow the NFC star....

Are you always on the lookout for creative new ideas to lift your business and make it shine? Great! Then let me introduce the Oomph Star, one of the cleverest NFC tags on planet earth.

By integrating an encoded NFC chip our Oomph Star we are able to propel the user from the physical to the digital world or even to space!

So what is NFC?

To harness the power of near field communication all you need is an NFC enabled smartphone, tag or an NFC card. We write data to the microchip that when tapped will trigger an action on the phone, such as opening a browser and loading a website. If you're here because you tapped the Oomph NFC star then as you can see it works!

NFC tags don't come much brighter than Oomph Star. This epoxy resin key tag is printed with Pantone silver and a big scoop of stardust to create that extra starry sparkle. Enhanced with an NFC chip and a printed QR code, both guide you to this blog.

And it doesn't have to be a star. With epoxy resin tags and keyrings, you can choose a shape that's right for your brand. Use NFC technology to direct someone to your website, download a digital business card, or to amplify your social media reach.

So there you have it, Oomph Star, the most intelligent Christmas tree decoration on the planet!

Oomph NFC Tag Star
Oomph NFC Tag Star
Oomph NFC Tag Star
Oomph NFC Tag Star

Where will you hang yours? Share your Oomph Star pics with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Haven't got an Oomph Star yet? Email star@madebyoomph.com and we'll send one to you.

Want to know more? Get in touch with one of our Oomph Customer Champions who can tell you more about the shapes, sizes and innovative ways to use the smart epoxy tags.

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