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Have You Been Pronouncing These 30 Brand Names Incorrectly?

Have you ever been in a conversation and been shocked at how someone pronounced a certain word? Well, it happens with brand names too, even the most globally recognisable of them. Whether it's how you heard it pronounced before and assumed it was correct, or whether you just guessed when you first saw the brand, most of us have probably mispronounced one brand name or another at some point.

If you don't think you have, prepare to be shocked with our infographic below. Our infographic details 30 of the most commonly mispronounced brand names, and lists exactly how they should be said. From sporting brands such as Nike being pronounced 'ni-key', car brands such as Hyundai being pronounced 'hun-day' and fashion labels such as Hermes being pronounced 'air-mez' - our infographic is guaranteed to cause a few arguments amongst friends. It certainly did within the office! Let us know which one shocked you most on Twitter.

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