Be it a hotel key card, access control card or bank card, it’s the RFID chip inside that makes them work with an RFID system.

If you are about to invest in an RFID system to support any aspect of your business operations how do you know which solution is right for you? Which RFID chip should you choose in your RFID cards? How do you ensure reliable RFID protection from the outset?

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Deciding on the best RFID solution for your business and choosing the right RFID chip to use with your plastic card or tag is not an easy task. GDPR has brought the security of customer data into the public domain so how do you protect it and ensure you stop RFID skimming in its tracks?

Our How secure is your RFID card ebook shares tips on how to pick an RFID card that is reliable, secure and works seamlessly with your RFID system.


How Secure Is Your RFID Card Ebook Made By Oomph


Made by Oomph uses only market leading RFID chips manufactured by NXP. Whether you require a custom printed RFID card, wristband, sticker or event badge we have the expertise and solutions to support your project.

Our portfolio and experience include RFID hotel key cards – RFID MIFARE technology enhancing customer experience. Our plastic key cards not only open doors but look amazing too! With our extensive range of features and finishes, your key card is set get your hotel to stand out. 

RFID technology is frequently used for event and festival management, for which we offer all the solutions needed to make them a success. RFID wristbands for cashless payment, RFID VIP passes and event badges for safe security access. Get in touch to discover our smart solutions range

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