We love festivals here at Made By Oomph – not just for the colours and music, but because RFID technology is being used more and more in the event badgesVIP passesRFID wristbands and more! 

With the festival season nearly upon us, we can all finally get excited for days to be spent relaxing in the sun (or mud), listening to some incredible music and drinking copious amounts of booze with our closest friends.

Unfortunately, for every incredible festival, there are always some incredibly annoying attendees to match. Any festival-goer will be well aware of the common types, from the groups who think it’s acceptable to start a mosh pit in the middle of a performance from Ed Sheeran, to the people who spend an entire set taking videos of the performance, watching the whole thing through their phone and blocking the views of everyone behind them in the process.

Regardless of which festival you choose to attend this year, you’ll undoubtedly encounter one of these common festival stereotypes, but which is the worst? Here at Made By Oomph, we’ve conducted a survey of 1,000 people to find out which types of festival-goers are the most annoying, and compiled the results into the infographic below.

So, if you want to find out who has been deemed the most annoying types of people at festivals, and whether you might be a culprit yourself, we’ve got all of the interesting stats right here. Read on to find out the 21 People We All Hate At Festivals.

People We Hate At Festivals Infographic Made By Oomph


So which ones are the most annoying for you? Are they the view blockers? Mankini wearers? Or the non-stop complainers? Share with us #madebyoomph 

At Made by Oomph we love summers! We have been supporting music festivals and events for many years now, producing festival RFID wristbands – made of a smart RFID-chipped mini-card and personalised fabric wristband, event badges for event goers, along with VIP passes and RFID access cards.

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